Welding Services - Approval of permanent joining

To fulfill the requirements of standards, directives, national legislations or specific customer specifications, the personnel and procedures for permanent joining frequently need to be approved by a notified body, recognized third party body or accredited certification body.
DEKRA provides services according to the following standards and codes.
Accreditation of Welding quality management system according to ISO 3834
Approval of permanent joining personnel according to ISO/EN Standard:
Approval of permanent joining procedures according to ISO/EN Standard:
Global partner – DEKRA is located in many countries around the globe
Customer focus – DEKRA always provides services with the best outcome for our customers
Experience – DEKRA has extensive proven experience in delivering services of this kind
Flexible – DEKRA works flexibly to meet individual customer needs
Combination of services – The ability to combine our services for permanent joining and non-destructive testing (NDT) makes DEKRA the only partner you need to successfully complete the approval process