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Cables & Wiring

Cables and Wiring

DEKRA enjoys widespread popularity all over the world. Its certification of cables and wiring makes it dominant in Europe and even elsewhere in the world. The KEMA-KEUR brand, with a history of 90 years, is reliable and well-accepted by manufacturers and certification bodies. You can find the KEMA-KEUR mark, unsurprisingly, in almost all the cables and wiring of household appliances of European families. Almost all cable and wiring manufacturers apply the KEMA-KEUR mark certification in order to show the products’ compliance with the Harmonised European Standards. This is the influence of DEKRA.

Our One-Stop Services provide all kinds of certification schemes worldwide for your access to international markets. This is vital for your components and products since the markets of your buyers are found all over the world.

  • PVC or Cross-Linked Insulated Cables
  • Rubber Cables
  • Halogen-Free Thermoplastic Compound Insulated Cables
  • Power Cables
  • Arc-welding Cables
  • Electric Vehicle Cables
  • Cables for Railway Application
  • Ship Cables
  • Wind Turbine Power Cables
  • PV Cables
  • Nuclear Cables
  • Cables for Digital Communication
  • Coaxial cables
  • Optical Fiber Cables

  • Product Testing
    • Type Testing
    • Partial Testing / Random Testing
    • National Deviations Testing
  • DEKRA Test report
  • KCQ
  • Export Support Service (ESS)
  • Retail Services
    • Supplier Audits
    • Factory Inspections
  • Chemical Testing (e.g.ROHS, REACH)
  • System Certification

  • Type testing + CB + KEMA-KEUR
  • Type testing + CB + DEKRA Seal
  • CB conversion to KEMA-KEUR

  • Localised services greatly shorten the lead time of testing.
  • High recognition by overseas buyers enables your product to enter different markets.
  • The quality approval mark gives you high confidence.
  • The one-stop service helps you to promote products to the whole world.
  • Foresight into the latest developments of new products gives you a leading position in the market.
  • Training, guidance and free seminars enrich your knowledge of products and standards, keeping you informed about the most updated regulations and standards, helping you get the design right the first time and thus making your products cutting-edge.

  • CB
  • KCQ
  • DEKRA Test Certificate

  • Checking of markings and dimensions
  • Tensile strength and elongation
  • Ageing
  • Electric strength
  • Insulation resistance
  • Conductor resistance
  • Flexing test
  • Tests at low temperature
  • Resistance to heat
  • Hot set test
  • Fire resistance
  • Smoke density test
  • Halogen acid gas test
  • etc.

  • IEC 60227
  • IEC 60245
  • IEC 60502
  • IEC 60800
  • IEC 61034
  • IEC 60331
  • IEC 60332
  • EN 50525
  • EN 50288EN 50265
  • EN 50200
  • BS 4066
  • BS 6387
  • BS 6724
  • BS 7846
  • DEKRA K169
  • DEKRA K175
  • etc.

  • Factory inspection initial awareness
  • TMP assessment initial awareness
  • Seminar on testing standards and national deviations

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