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Failure Analysis

Ultrahigh Definition Digital Microscope (3D OM)

3D OM (3D Optical microscope) has large depth of field and advanced measuring functions to focus on the object under test of different heights at different angles and obtain clear images for observation. 3D OM is suitable for the inspection and failure analysis of electronic part soldering.

The Superiority of Us

We have the highest resolution 3D OM. No matter how deep the depth of field is, the 3D OM from us can always achieve full focusing and ultrahigh speed image connection and it enables users to hold the lens for observation.

Major applications:

  • Detection of part IC package defects, such as appearance integrity, the black gum cracks, pin deformation or discoloration.
  • Detection of potential PCB defects, such as nodules, weave exposure, glass fiber exposure, solder mask, text.
  • Detection of potential detects in electronic products, such as poor soldering.
  • Solder ball integrity inspection of BGA and flip chip packages, such as ball deformation.
  • Appearance check and analysis of active and passive components.
  • Analysis and measurement of all materials.

Scanning Acoustic Tomography (SAT)

Scanning Acoustic Tomography (SAT), also called Scanning Acoustic Microscope (SAM), is a method for analyzing materials by measuring the reflecting speed and energy of an ultrasonic wave which is transmitted through the material of a certain thickness.

Application / Features

Normally used to detect delaminations or cracks inside the package, SAT is capable of detecting micro gaps down to 0.13μm.

  • IC package level structure analysis
  • IC package quality on PCBA level
  • PCB/IC substrate structure analysis
  • Wafer level structure analysis
  • WLCSP structure analysis
  • CMOS structure analysis

X-ray Inspection (2D X-ray)

An X-Ray is produced using a cathode ray tube to generate high energy electrons to collide with a metal target. The energy of the electrons is converted into X-Ray during the collision with metal target. The X-Ray has very short wave length and high electromagnetic radiation.

When the sample location cannot be inspected using external appearance related metrology tools, X-Ray imaging can be used to detect the internal structure of the sample due to its intensity change as a function of material density. This contrast image can show the internal structure of the sample without any physical destruction to the diagnosed region.

Major application:

  • Defect inspection in IC packaging﹕layer delamination, burst Crack, void, and bonding inspection.
  • Potential defects in the PCB manufacturing process e.g.: mis-alignment, bridge or open circuit.
  • SMT solding void inspection and measurement.
  • Defect inspection of open, short or abnormal connections in the interconnect.
  • Solder ball array inspection in BGA packaging and flip chip packaging.
  • Inspection of crack in high density plastic material or void in metal.
  • Chip dimension measurement, wire arc measurement, solding percentage measurement.

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