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Since 1925

DEKRA History

The history of DEKRA starts with the automobile: The Deutsche Kraftfahrzeug-Überwachungs-Verein e.V. (German Motor Vehicle Monitoring Association) was founded in 1925 in Berlin. DEKRA has been ensuring safety ever since. At first, attention was focused on technical safety – primarily in the automotive sector. Now, as the largest unlisted expert organization, DEKRA has expanded its activities into many diverse aspects of daily life “on the road, at work, and at home”. In addition to analog functional safety, DEKRA is also fully committed to digital security in a networked world – on five continents. This is because there is no limit to safety. Learn more about the history of DEKRA and the most important milestones of the past years in the interactive timeline.
The beginnings (1925-1935)
In 1924, the industrialist Hugo Stinnes develops the idea of a voluntary technical monitoring service for motor vehicles. The idea is realized on June 30, 1925 with the founding of the Deutsche Kraftfahrzeug-Überwachungs-Verein (German Motor Vehicle Monitoring Association) in Berlin. The objective of the association is to support its members, such as freight forwarders, with all the information they need concerning automobiles. Stinnes is not able to see his idea implemented any further – he died in April 1924. DEKRA’s first services include technical tests and advice for members. First appraisals for courts and insurance companies are also drawn up at this early stage.
In 1930, DEKRA is already operating 79 inspection centers and 52 valuation centers to determine the estimated value of vehicles. After the National Socialists come to power in 1933, DEKRA follows a consciously neutral course with regard to the National Socialist state and the Nazi Party under the management of Dr. Kurt Möhring.
Rise and fall (1936-1945)
New beginning and economic miracle (1946-1959)
State functions and modern technology (1960-1969)
Professional drivers and research (1970-1979)
Eurotruck and device safety (1980-1989)
Anywhere and anytime (1990-1999)
Industrial inspections and career planning (2000-2009)
Focus on digitalization (2010-2015)
Cyber security and mobility for the future (2016-2019)
Safe, secure and sustainable (2020-2022)
Distinguishing mark for nearly 100 years
30 years of DEKRA in the new German states
20 years of DEKRA Arbeit