Damage & Recovery Management

In the event of cargo, transportation carrier, or infrastructure damage occurring during the process of goods transportation, DEKRA will assist you on site with cargo, transport or cargo securing in case of damage to goods, transport carriers and infrastructure. DEKRA damage and recovery management will record, process, manage and establish the cause of the accident as well as examine preventative measures, conduct necessary investigations and analyses.
Our experts will assess the damage and offer solutions and suggestions for repairing and restoring compromised cargo, transportation equipment, or infrastructure.Furthermore, DEKRA will review and provide advice on preventive measures to mitigate the risk of similar incidents recurring.

Our Services:

  • Investigation the cause of accident
  • Damage condition inspection
  • Expert opinion
  • Recovery management
  • Accident and cost analysis
  • Technical suggestions to avoid the accident in future
  • Assurance and open class


  • Surveyors are in action nationwide as experts for cargo and transport damage
  • Quick help in an emergency, we are in action on site and deal with the coordination
  • Danger prevention as well as minimizing damage and costs by efficient crisis management