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Future Mobility

Future Mobility: Steering Safe, Secure and Sustainable Transportation

DEKRA Offers a Wide Range of Emobility and Future Mobility Solutions

In an ever-evolving world, the landscape of transportation is undergoing a seismic shift, driven by innovative technologies, vehicles, and services. Our commitment at DEKRA is to lead this revolution, ensuring safety, security, and sustainability in future mobility.

Our world is constantly changing. So is the way we move. New technologies, vehicles and services offer unprecedented opportunities for us, but they also pose challenges. Automated and connected driving aims to make traffic safer and cars more efficient. Nevertheless, cyber security is a big concern and thorough operational testing is essential. Electric vehicle adoption is at an all-time high, but existing infrastructure is struggling to adapt to our new ways of getting from A to B. And shared services are redefining our understanding of mobility, although they face steep regulatory hurdles.
Prioritizing safety, security and sustainability in this fast-paced environment is crucial. By making safety our top concern, we are protecting human lives, building trust among users and ensuring success. Staying ahead of the game and not losing any time is decisive. The rule is: Do it right! Because: #FutureMovesNow
As a leader in the future of transportation, you need a partner you can rely on. From electric vehicle testing to ADAS certifications, from high-voltage training to charging infrastructure testing and certification, DEKRA will help you make sure new forms of transportation are safe, reliable to use, sustainable in their impact and compliant with standards and regulations. This will help to build acceptance of new technologies. DEKRA keeps you in the driver's seat and puts you in a position to shape the future of mobility. We have a deep understanding of technical and regulatory requirements – we know what makes or breaks new mobility solutions. We are your global partner for safe, secure and sustainable mobility.

#FutureMovesNow. Are you moving, too?

Automated & Connected Driving
At the forefront of automated and connected driving, DEKRA’s expertise is your assurance of safer roads. We're committed to driving innovation and relentless improvement to reshape the landscape of mobility.
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Electromobility, a cornerstone of emissions-free transportation, encompasses a vast spectrum, spanning batteries, charging infrastructure, and electric vehicles. Join us in bolstering the safety of the electrification revolution with DEKRA services.
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Bicycle Services
The future of transportation starts on two wheels. Whether you're considering safety enhancements for traditional bicycles or e-bike testing, we're here to drive the wheels of progress.
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