Product Inspections

Minimizing risks of costly returns

In today’s complex supply chains and with a shortening time to market, making sure your products are safe and perform well is quite a challenge, as well as assuring that your supplier is shipping what you ordered. DEKRA is here to help out with product inspections in nearly every region of the world.
Why DEKRA for Product Inspection
  • Complete package: We offer a complete package of supply chain services to you
  • Global account management: We support our customers on a global scale
  • Local inspectors: As part of our global network, our experienced and knowledgeable local inspectors are there whenever and wherever you need them
  • Cultural fit: Our experts speak your language, and they are familiar with local cultures and customs

How can we help you with Product Inspection?

Our services include initial supplier audits, continuous surveillance, advising on regulatory requirements as well as a wide range of safety, quality, performance and chemical tests. Our experts can guide you on which general requirements apply to your products and any special requirements in the countries where you will be marketing them.
We are accredited by IECEE, RvA, CNAS, ZLS, DAR, EMSD, GCC and A2LA, so you are assured of reliable and unbiased tests. DEKRA is present worldwide, so you can do business with an office in your area. We are also located close to your suppliers, so we can undertake the audits, tests and inspections more quickly.