EcoVadis Rating Advisory

Sustainability Rating for Compliant, Competitive and Responsible Businesses and their Supply Chain

With sustainability front and center, smart business leaders are adapting effective strategies marked by trusted ratings of their sustainability performance. DEKRA provides approved advisory services along the entire assessment process for the recognized EcoVadis sustainability rating you need to position your business for long-term success.

Your Benefits

  • Distinguish your business with a globally trusted sustainability rating
  • Understand your sustainability performance and define tailored improvement areas based on defined ambition levels
  • Benchmark against peers in your sector, country and size for competitive insights
  • Establish your reputation as a trusted, valuable business partner along the supply chain by transparently sharing your performance and results
  • Strengthen stakeholder and customer relationships

Our Approach

EcoVadis provides reliable sustainability ratings and insights helping companies reduce risk, drive improvement and positively impact the planet at large. While the EcoVadis sustainability assessment evaluates how well a company has integrated sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) principles into their business and management system, the EcoVadis sustainability scorecard rates performance in the areas of environment, labor and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement.
At DEKRA, we offer comprehensive guidance designed to help unrated businesses complete and submit the EcoVadis questionnaire for assessment while assisting rated companies analyze their current scorecard and provide advice on improvement measures.
Our EcoVadis Rating Submission Advisory explains EcoVadis methodology so you can understand and answer questions appropriately and efficiently prepare required evidence. Our service is conducted in the following process:
1. Gap analysis and guidance
(e.g., ambition level definition, joint questionnaire review and gap analysis)
2. Questionnaire completion
(e.g., fill in answers, select evidence)
Our EcoVadis Continuous Improvement Advisory focuses on analyzing the existing scorecard and enhancing sustainability performance by developing a customer roadmap. Here, DEKRA experts provide:
1. Scorecard analysis
2. Selection of improvement areas and identification of suitable measures


  • We are an approved EcoVadis Training and Consulting Partner trained to advise you on the path to your successful sustainability rating.
  • We provide expert guidance in EcoVadis questionnaire completion and continuous improvement.
  • We provide guidance helping you understand your scorecard and corrective action plan.
  • We support you in implementing and maintaining sustainability improvement measures and strategies.