Homologation and Type Approval

When selling your vehicles or vehicle parts in different international markets, you need to obtain the correct approvals according to the legal requirements of your target markets. DEKRA offers vehicle homologation to undertake the complete range of approval tests – and thereby to ensure that your quality standards are the right one. DEKRA’s Automobile Test Centre offers the entire range of approval tests: from tests and appraisals for EC whole and EC part type approval certificates to technical reports for ECE approvals and tests conducted in accordance with national regulations.
Our Automotive Homologation & Type Approval services provide:
  • Tests in accordance with the relevant EC/ECE regulations, DIN and ISO standards or vehicle manufacturer regulations, which are an essential part of our general range of services.
  • The DEKRA Automobile Test Centre is able to offer all requisite appraisals and tests for the issue of EC type approvals for components and autonomous technical units or for ECE approvals.
  • Support with determine the technical and legal requirements for your target markets and identify the required approvals.