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Safeguarding AI

Safeguarding AI: DEKRA is Building a Bridge Between AI Innovation and the AI EU Act

We are safeguarding and bridging the evolution of AI technology and regulations. Built on our expertise we are pursuing AI transformation to enable safe and secure AI Innovations. Through applying our DEKRA AI Assessment Framework we provide a holistic approach for our customers where we are assuring AI security during the different lifecycle stages, from development, testing and deployment up to operations, across all technological disciplines and industries.

We believe that AI security represents the most vital and transformative challenge of our generation. Getting this right is not only essential for protecting our businesses but also for safeguarding the future of technology, data, and our society as a whole. We are leading in this endeavor, setting new standards, ensuring trust, and driving innovation to unlock the immense potential of AI in a secure and certified manner.

Safeguarding Trustworthy AI from a Global Perspective

In this interview, Dr. Xavier Valero, Director of AI & Advanced Analytics, explains the impact of AI Safety & Security.

DEKRA AI Assessment Framework

In our audits, we focus on assessing the AI System Quality as well as its compliance with upcoming EU regulations. Furthermore, we can conduct an end-to-end technical assessment of the AI lifecycle - leveraging a robust AI software & tools to evaluate data quality, model robustness, and model deployment to ensure safety and trustworthiness in compliance with the latest ISO standards.
Navigating AI Regulations: Industry-Specific Challenges
Don't underestimate the significance of AI Testing & Certification. It ensures reliable performance, mitigates risks, and demonstrates ethical compliance.
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Trustworthy AI has to be the gatekeeper for the overall Digital Transformation, we at DEKRA assure embedded AI Technology is reliable, safe and secure.

Dr. Xavier Valero