Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Certification

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), also known as Type III Environmental Declaration, is an internationally recognized third-party verification based on ISO14025 "Environmental Labeling and Declaration-Type III Environmental Declaration-Principles and Procedures", which is a scientific, comparable and internationally recognized comprehensive information disclosure of environmental impact of products throughout their life cycle. The purpose of environmental product declaration is to encourage the use of life cycle information, design and produce environment-friendly materials and products, which reflects the long-term commitment of enterprises to improve environmental quality, highlights the environmental protection and green characteristics of enterprise products, conforms to the national sustainable development strategy, and is conducive to the formation of market core competitiveness of enterprises.

Characteristics of environmental product declaration

  • Based on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
  • Comparability
  • Transparency (GPI, PCR, EPD file disclosure, etc.)
  • Voluntary
  • Independent verification (PCR, LCA and EPD all require third-party review/validation)
  • Adaptability/flexibility (additional environmental information, etc.)
  • Stakeholder participation

Why need environmental product declaration? Environmental product declarations can help enterprises:

  • Improving environmental decision-making
  • Quantify the environmental performance of enterprises
  • Promote green consumption
  • Highlight corporate social responsibility
  • Break through international trade barriers
  • Enhance corporate brand image

Applicable Standards and Technical Requirements of EPD

  • ISO 14020 "General Principles for Environmental Labelling and Declaration"
  • ISO 14025, Type III Environmental Declaration
  • ISO 14040, Life Cycle Assessment - Principles and Procedures
  • ISO 14044, Life Cycle Assessment - Requirements and Guidance
  • Applicable PCR of product

DEKRA EPD Certification scope

DEKRA actively develops EPD certification services and has established strategic cooperative relations with various EPD service platforms, including:
  • Italian EPD (EPDItaly)
  • German EPD (IBU, Institut Bauen und Umwelt eV.)
  • International EPD (International EPD)
  • China EPD platform
  • China Steel EPD Platform

EPD Creation and Verification Process

1. The enterprise provides product-related information before applying
2. Find or create relevant product category rules (PCR)
3. LCA research and modeling based on PCR
4. Enterprises prepare EPD reports according to environmental information
5. DEKRA verifies EPD report according to enterprise environmental information
6. Phase I verification
7. Phase II verification
8. Review, registration and release of EPD platform (valid for 5 years)
9. Annual supervision (years 2-3-4), changed as applicable
10. Renewal of EPD (Year 5)