ISO 27001

Introduction of the information security management system

ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management System standard provides enterprises and organizations with a set of management tools, which can help reduce risk and ensure business continuity. Organizations that implement ISO/IEC 27001 standards will benefit from implementing appropriate controls in accordance with international standards to minimize the probability of information security issues, to address information security compliance issues in a systematic manner, thereby reducing the risk of legal liability required. A systematical plan and the continuity of operations can enhance customers and partners' confidence in the organization.

The main content of the information security management system

Version 2013 includes 14 control domains, 35 control targets, and 114 controls to provide organizations with a full range of information security. In the process of implementation, the organization can choose the applicable control measures according to the actual situation of the enterprise, laws and regulations contracts and other factors, but also add additional control measures.

The importance of implementing an information security management system

The systems and networks of information and its support processes are important assets of the organization. The confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information are critical to maintaining an organization's competitive advantage, financial flows, benefits, legal compliance, and business image. Any organization and its information systems, such as its ERP systems, and networks may face widespread security threats, including computer fraud, spying, and widespread security threats such as fires and floods. With the development and popularization of computers, computer viruses, illegal intrusion and destruction has become increasingly common and complex.
Organizations can refer to the information security management model, in accordance with the advanced information security management standards - ISO 27001 standards to establish a complete information security management system and implementation of the organization, the formation of dynamic, systematic, full participation, institutionalized, prevention-based information security management, with the lowest cost, so that the probability and loss of information risk to reduce to an acceptable level, and take measures to ensure that the business will not be interrupted by the occurrence of risk. Organizations that establish, implement, and maintain information security management systems can,
  • Strengthen employees' awareness of information security and standardize the organization's information security behavior
  • Protect the organization's key information and maintain the organization's competitive advantage
  • Ensure that businesses are sustainable and minimize losses when information systems are attacked
  • Give your organization's business partners and customers confidence in the organization