Information and Communication Technology Equipment (ICT)

IT & Telecom

Every year, the export of IT and telecommunications equipment from China to Europe, North America, Australia, Asia and other regions is the biggest in the world. However, each country and region has their relevant statutory and regulatory requirements. Therefore, choosing a professional and experienced testing and certification body can not only help you get certified, but also help you save time and cost. As one of the world's leading international certification bodies, DEKRA has a professional technical team familiar with laws and regulations of various countries, in order to provide you with localised ONE-STOP testing and certification services.
Product Scope
  • Telecom equipment
    Communication terminal equipment, communication network infrastructure equipment, infrastructure equipment used in cable distribution systems, AC main supply as the medium of information transmission.
  • Banking equipment
    Currency processing equipment, automatic teller (cash distribution) machine (ATM)
  • Data and text processor and related equipment
    Data pre-processing equipment, data processing equipment, data storage device, personal computer, plotter, printer, scanner, text processing equipment, visual display unit.
  • Data network equipment and network bridge
    Data circuit-terminating equipment, data terminal equipment, router.
  • Retail equipment: cash register
    POS equipment, electronic scales
  • Office equipment
    Copier, dictation equipment, shredder, duplicator, magnetic eraser, microscopic office equipment, displayer, projector, computer, server, electric paper conveyor, paper trimmer (including hole puncher, cutting machine, sorting machine), collating machine, pencil sharpener, stapler, typewriter, e-book, tablet PC
  • Telecom network infrastructure equipment, bill equipment
    Multiplex modulator (adapter), network power supply, network terminating equipment, wireless base station, repeater (relay station), transmission equipment, communication conversion equipment, interchanger
  • Telecom terminal equipment
    Fax machine, key telephone system, modem, automatic PABX, pager, telephone answering machine, telephone (wired and wireless), smartphone, bluetooth products, Wi-Fi products, Zigbee products, and wearable electronics
  • Postage equipment, mail handling machine
  • Remote power feed equipment
  • Large data storage equipment
    Components, assemblies and accessories of information technology products, such as switch-mode power supply, mobile power, photoelectric coupler, keyboard, mouse, hard drive, USB drive, network card, loudspeaker box, headphone, and so on.
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