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Information and Communication Technology Equipment (ICT)

IT & Telecom

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Every year, the export of IT and telecommunications equipment from China to Europe, North America, Australia, Asia and other regions is the biggest in the world. However, each country and region has their relevant statutory and regulatory requirements. Therefore, choosing a professional and experienced testing and certification body can not only help you get certified, but also help you save time and cost. As one of the world's leading international certification bodies, DEKRA has a professional technical team familiar with laws and regulations of various countries, in order to provide you with localised ONE-STOP testing and certification services.

  • Telecom equipment
    Communication terminal equipment, communication network infrastructure equipment, infrastructure equipment used in cable distribution systems, AC main supply as the medium of information transmission.
  • Banking equipment
    Currency processing equipment, automatic teller (cash distribution) machine (ATM)
  • Data and text processor and related equipment
    Data pre-processing equipment, data processing equipment, data storage device, personal computer, plotter, printer, scanner, text processing equipment, visual display unit.
  • Data network equipment and network bridge
    Data circuit-terminating equipment, data terminal equipment, router.
  • Retail equipment: cash register
    POS equipment, electronic scales
  • Office equipment
    Copier, dictation equipment, shredder, duplicator, magnetic eraser, microscopic office equipment, displayer, projector, computer, server, electric paper conveyor, paper trimmer (including hole puncher, cutting machine, sorting machine), collating machine, pencil sharpener, stapler, typewriter, e-book, tablet PC
  • Telecom network infrastructure equipment, bill equipment
    Multiplex modulator (adapter), network power supply, network terminating equipment, wireless base station, repeater (relay station), transmission equipment, communication conversion equipment, interchanger
  • Telecom terminal equipment
    Fax machine, key telephone system, modem, automatic PABX, pager, telephone answering machine, telephone (wired and wireless), smartphone, bluetooth products, Wi-Fi products, Zigbee products, and wearable electronics
  • Postage equipment, mail handling machine
  • Remote power feed equipment
  • Large data storage equipment
    Components, assemblies and accessories of information technology products, such as switch-mode power supply, mobile power, photoelectric coupler, keyboard, mouse, hard drive, USB drive, network card, loudspeaker box, headphone, and so on.

    Successful opening of German market
    The golden key for European market access
    International mutual recognition scheme, the MUST certificate for global market access, e.g.Australia, the Middle East, Brazil, Southeast Asia…
    The leading certification mark for high-end market in Europe.
    One test, two certification for North America and Europe market access.

Key test items:

  1. Documentation check

    Key Aim: To review whether the manual, label, certificate of components and parts, circuit diagram, PCB layout drawing and other documents are consistent with the declared product, and whether the requirements set out in laws and regulations are met.

    Checking Points:
    Whether the warnings in the manual are complete and compliant; whether the nameplate contents are complete and compliant; whether the certificate of components and parts is within its validity period and meets the conditions of use; whether the circuit diagram and PCB layout meet the standard requirements, and so on.
  2. Constuction Check

    Key aim: To inspect for potential mechanical hazards, construction, electric shock hazards.

    Checking Points:
    • Chapter 1.7 Markings and instructions
    • Chapter 2.9 Electrical insulation
    • Chapter 2.10 Clearances, creepage distances and distances through insulation
    • Chapter 4.1 Stability
    • Chapter 4.2 Mechanical strength
    • Chapter 5.2 Electric strength
  3. Electrical testing

    Key aim: To inspect for possible electrical hazards, materials resistance to fire

    Checking Points:
    • Chapter 2.1 Protection against electric shock and energy hazards
    • Chapter 2.6 Provisions for earthing and bonding
    • Chapter 2.8 Safety interlocks
    • Chapter 3 Wiring, connections and supply
    • Chapter 4.5 Thermal requirements
    • Chapter 4.7 Resistance to fire
    • Chapter 5.1 Touch current and protective conductor current
    • Chapter 5.3 Anomalies and fault conditions

  • Efficient local services
    Standards training, technical support, quotation, project management, testing, sample modification (if required), report, auditing, certificate issuance, after-sales service are all carried out locally in DEKRA China. Our China laboratories including Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Wenzhou, Hong Kong and Taiwan provide localized service to meet local demands. We response fast, target to solve your inquiries and problems within one day, so as to save you time to the maximum degree and, more importantly, solve your problems within the shortest possible time.
  • Extensive buyer recognition
    DEKRA certification group, the former KEMA Quality known as the Netherlands Royal National Laboratory, enjoys a very high status and visibility, providing independent and impartial third-party testing, inspection and certification services which is widely recognised by European brands owner and retailers. A variety of products in supermarkets have been tested and certified by DEKRA.
  • Strong technical support
    We have dedicated expert team per product category. They are with 10 to 40 years of industrial experience. We provide you with one-to-one project manager for your product design guidance, testing and product modification when it fail the test. All these are to assist you solve problems and get your products certified in an efficiency way.
  • ONE-STOP service
    No matter your products are required to meet with electrical safety (GS/CB/CE) test, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test, chemical (RoHs) test, energy efficiency (ErP) test, usability test or multinational certification, DEKRA can provide ONE-STOP test to meet all the requirements and deliver the certificates that suit your market access. We provide On-stop Certification Services for a variety of countries.

  • IT Devices
  • Laptops
  • Network Equipment
  • PCs
  • Routers / Hotspots
  • Servers
  • Tablets

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