Battery Product Testing and Certification Services

At DEKRA, we offer a wide range of testing, inspection and certification services to manufacturers of primary and secondary cells, battery packs, battery charging and discharging systems, battery management systems and terminal units. These services help battery and electronic manufacturers improve quality as well as reduce total costs and risks from fundamental root causes.
DEKRA China’s battery laboratories are accredited and certified by a range of international organisations, such as the Chinese CNAS, the International IECEE, the German DAkkS, the Dutch RVA and the United States’ CITA. It provides access services to the European, North American, Brazilian, Japanese, Korean and many other markets.
    • Secondary (rechargeable) Li-Ion, Li-Polymer, Ni-Cd, Ni-MH Cells and Batteries
    • Primary (non-rechargeable) Batteries, Zn-Mn Dry Batteries, Primary Lithium Batteries
    • EV (Light EV) Cells & Batteries
    • EV (Electric Vehicle) Secondary Lithium-ion Cells & Battery Pack System
    • Lead-acid Batteries
    • Energy Store, PV batteries
    • All kinds of the batteries with sharp cylinder, prismatic, button, coin type
    • All kinds of the batteries with D, C, AA, AAA, N type