GHG Emission Verification / Validation

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges to global sustainable development. It will have a significant impact on human health and nature, and could lead to dramatic changes in the way resources are used, produced and other economic activities are carried out. Therefore, international, regional, national and local government measures and actions are being developed to limit the increase of greenhouse gas (GHG) concentration in the atmosphere. These measures and actions depend on the quantification, monitoring, reporting and verification of GHG emissions and/or removals.

Purpose of greenhouse gas emission verification by enterprises

  • Establish baseline data
  • Evidence of GHG emission reductions
  • Fair reduction transactions
  • Participate in the Registration Scheme
  • Enterprise environmental report: Integrity, transparent and credible
  • Enterprise operational risk management

The benefit of ISO 14064-1 Greenhouse Gas Verification

  • Manage greenhouse gas risks and identify mitigation opportunities
  • Improve energy and material efficiency and reduce operating costs
  • Join the greenhouse gas emissions trading market
  • Avoid the risk of exceeding the limit of total greenhouse gases in the future
  • Establish competitive advantage and strengthen international competitiveness
  • Establish a good image of social responsibility
  • It is conducive to getting more support from the government

Process for Greenhouse Gas Verification according to ISO 14064-1

  • Client application and provide relevant company information
  • Signing the contract, determining the verification scope (time range and boundary range) and guarantee level
  • Select the verification team
  • Verification planning (strategic analysis, risk assessment, design of evidence collection activities, prepare verification plan and evidence collection plan)
  • 1st stage verification (on-site or remote)
  • 2nd stage of on-site verification, complete the verification report
  • Independent review and committee decision
  • Issue a verification statement