Photovoltaic Product Test and Certification

Photovoltaic Product

DEKRA One Stop Solution of Photovoltaic Industry

Since the Industrial Revolution, the energy mix of most countries across the world has become dominated by fossil fuels. This has major implications for the global climate, as well as for human health. To reduce CO² emissions and local air pollution, the world needs to rapidly shift towards low-carbon sources of energy renewable technologies.
Renewables are the backbone of any energy transition to achieve net zero. As the world increasingly shifts away from carbon emitting fossil fuels, understanding the current role renewables play in the decarbonisation of multiple sectors is key to ensuring a smooth pathway to net zero.
As an international expert organization, DEKRA offers a wide range of comprehensive services to address the challenges of the solar market based on national and international standards as well as industry and customer requirements. We have comprehensive experience and professional team providing supply chain services for PV projects of different capacities. Our goal is to streamline and manage the testing and certification processes across international boundaries and improve both global access and time to market for our customers.
DEKRA PV Module Test and Certification
PV modules are important components in PV power plant. Whether in open fields, deserts,on the roofs, different environments put higher demands on the quality and reliability of PV modules. DEKRA is able to provide a wide range of services for PV modules, including crystalline silicon, thin-film, integrated building and concentrated PV modules.
Test and Certification Service
  • IEC/EN 61215/61730 testing and certification
  • PID testing and certification
  • ANSI/UL 61215/61730 testing and certification
  • Salt mist corrosion testing and certification
  • Ammonia corrosion testing and certification
  • Sand dust corrosion testing and certification
  • Dynamic mechanical load testing and certification
  • Non-uniform snow load testing and certification
  • Transportation testing and certification of components
  • Photovoltaic module STC calibration
  • CE certification (Low-voltage Directive)
  • CB certification
  • PV Module Life Cycle Assessment
  • Factory inspection
  • Panfile data package service
  • Customized test solution
  • Global Market Access (CQC, Inmetro, JET, BIS, CEC, MCS...)
  • Extended PV module test (IEC TS 63126; IEC TS 63209-1; etc)
Quality Assurance Service
  • Electro-luminescence (EL) test and infrared imaging
  • Potential induced degradation (PID) test
  • RoHS compliant test
  • Light induced degradation (LID) test
  • Production line sampling and STC test
  • Inspection and supervision services
  • Specific standard factory audit
DEKRA PV Components Test and Certification
DEKRA PV Supply Chain Service
DEKRA PV Power Plant Service
DEKRA PV Inverter Test and Certification
DEKRA PV Energy Storage System Test Service