Chamber Construction

DEKRA Chamber Dept. is in charge of anechoic EMC testing chamber engineering work. After more than a decade in the field of EMC technology, we became very concerned of the fact that chamber suppliers in Taiwan were all distributors and sales agents without follow-up calibration and maintenance capability. We realized that while chamber may cost several hundred thousand US dollars or more higher, many were sitting unused due to lack of maintenance and upkeep, and we didn't want our customer chamber to be lacked of without follow-up service. DEKRA currently is the only one in Taiwan who providing comprehensive chamber solution including design ,installation, calibration and manitenance sevices.
Our items
  • Construction of various sizes of chamber and shielded room.
  • Upgrade, modification and moving service of chamber and shielded room.
  • Chamber calibration/ annual contract maintenance/performance testing.
  • Measurement equipment integration, sales agency and maintenance service.
  • EMC/RF/3D antenna measurement system sales service
  • Customization order service
  • Service for authorized approve by TAF, FCC, CE, VCCI…etc
  • Wireless Turn-key sales service