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Factory Audits

We set high standards. Especially for ourselves

Authorities, like European, American, Asian and Australian, impart civil and penal liability upon importer and brand owners, considered to have the same responsibilities as the manufacturers. It is therefore crucial for internationally operating corporations to understand their suppliers’ organizations and manufacturing processes in order to bridge potential gaps between sales arguments and practices on the production site. Our factory audits are a systematic and independent examination of your supplier’s management, organizational, operational and quality systems, along with the protocols defined in the sort of audit of your choice.


  • Initial Audit performance
  • Periodical (annual, biannual…) evaluation, assessment and monitoring
  • Independent Assessment & Gap analysis
  • Process audits (VDA 6.3)
  • Product audits (VDA 6.5)

Fields of Focus (Assessment Modules)

  • Quality Management
  • Business Continuity
  • Risk Management
  • Emergency Management

A technical factory audit provides you with an objective picture of your supplier’s capacities and capabilities on:

  • Quality Management
  • Production line capacity, process and flow
  • Product qualification

Every Audit Report includes a Corrective Action Plan with timeframes for implementation and recommended schedule for re-audit, where needed.

  • Energy Efficiency Management
  • Sustainability
  • Carbon Footprint
  • Waste Management

  • Social Responsibility (link CSR)
  • Health & Safety
  • Legal compliance

Corporate Social Responsibility includes issues such as environmental sustainability, life-cycle analysis (impact on the environment from cradle to cradle) and social compliance (child labour, overall conditions for employees, etc.).

As a leading, objective arbiter of safety, quality, health and sustainability, we want to engage in meaningful market conversations about these important trends.

If you intend to build long-term brand value, CSR should be a crucial component of your company strategy.

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