The quality and safety of candles of any kind (floating candle, wax candle, gel candle, tea light…) can be tested by our professional team in accordance with international standards (European and American)
  • Fire safety (EN 15493, ASTM F 2417)
  • Measurement of the soot index (EN 15426)
  • Labelling (EN 15494, ASTM F 2058)
  • Raw material testing
Candle holders are assessed by DEKRA experts to avoid any potential risks to users.
  • Contact to the users
  • Extreme temperature posed
  • Thermal damage
With candles and candle holders assessed by DEKRA, consumers are given the assurance that they are purchasing safe and high quality products from the vast range on offer.
Fire hazards, burning too fast, unevenly dripping wax, the formation of soot and damaged holders can all be avoided by purchasing tested candles and candle holders, as can the development of harmful concentrations of substances that damage the environment and your health (e.g. PAH, sulphur dioxide).
DEKRA also ensures that safety warnings and instructions for use follow strict guidelines to inform and lead the customer to the correct use of the product.