Process Safety Competency

Process safety competency is what organizations are striving for to reduce or eliminate process-related accidents and disasters. The drive toward competence development in this area is powered by regulators, industry associations and companies themselves as it becomes clear that process safety competence correlates positively with process safety performance.
We are at the forefront of the transformation from mere safety training to process safety competence development. We understand that every organization is unique, and we start by setting goals and reviewing proficiency levels specific to the customer. Once the gaps in knowledge are identified we set about filling them in ways that resonate with the company and its staff. We know that competence does not end with a certificate but is an ongoing process requiring verification and long-term reinforcement.
Our process safety competency development program is the result of 25 years of experience working with the world’s major process businesses. Our competence program is delivered by highly experienced process safety practitioners providing a high level of advice and experience-based answers to professional questions. Our competence development program is available in all major international languages tailored to specific local requirements, and delivered through our local DEKRA Process Safety Academy centres of excellence across the globe.
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Competence development in process safety must be designed for the individual client in order to be effective. In general, our programs proceed through four main stages in which we seek to
  • Sensitize: we assess beginning competency levels and provide access to content
  • Introduce: we provide instruction on topics needing attention, followed up by assessments
  • Embed: we reinforce new information with practical training using real world examples and offer tutoring
  • Maintain: we keep access to information open and carry out follow-up activities
The principal competency areas we address are:
  • Process safety legislation and regulations
  • Understanding process safety hazards
  • Hazard identification and risk analysis
  • Hazard mitigation and process safety management programs
  • Working in hazardous areas
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