Testing of Electric Vehicles
Testing of Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicle Testing – Leading The Way

Driving Confidence in Electric Car Safety

In the area of sustainable transportation, the widespread adoption and success of electric vehicles (EVs) is not just a goal; it's a necessity.

At DEKRA, our mission is to drive the advancement of EVs through comprehensive and unwavering testing. But it's not just about the EV itself; it's about the entire zero-emission ecosystem, including the vehicle, its battery, the charging infrastructure, and all its components. Each facet must undergo rigorous testing and certification, prioritizing safety and security.
By thoroughly ensuring the safety and reliability of every component, we pave the way for a seamless experience for end users. This, in turn, fuels the broader adoption of electrification.
With DEKRA, we're not just testing EVs. We're testing the future of mobility. Join us in the journey towards sustainable, reliable, and
We drive advancement of EVs through comprehensive testing.