3rd party inspections of pressure equipment

Accredited inspection services

There are numerous situations in which national legislations call for mandatory inspections of pressure equipment and tank farms to be carried out by an accredited 3rd party body. DEKRA is accredited to carry out such work in many countries around the world.
  • EU Accredited 3rd party inspections
  • Wide range of testing and inspection services
  • Expert international testing teams and facilities
DEKRA is accredited as notified body in EU. DEKRA has demonstrated that we can take over inspections on our own responsibility for our customers and thus be able to assist you as a 3rd party.
DEKRA is active as a 3rd party inspection body in many countries around the world and provides this kind of services to various industries.
By combining our inspection services with non-destructive testing, asset integrity management, sensor technology and advanced data handling, DEKRA gives its customers unique insights into their equipment. DEKRA is able to provide a fully customized service to meet your precise needs.
Examples of industries in which DEKRA currently provides these services:
  • Power plants
  • Petrochemical
  • Chemical
  • Tank farms
As an internationally accredited organization, DEKRA has unparalleled experience in testing and a worldwide network of advanced testing facilities. Our engineers can carry out any necessary 3rd party pressure equipment inspections, as required by EU regulations.