Low-, Medium-, and High-Voltage Testing

Safe equipment & systems, complete process control and well-trained employees play a critical role in preventing electrical failures, reducing outages and avoiding accidents. As one of the world’s leading expert organizations, DEKRA has extensive experience and expertise in the low-, medium-, and high-voltage testing fields, and has provided a large number of manufacturers and power companies with testing and certification services and facilitate them in expanding into global markets.
DEKRA has professional testing labs with multiple accreditations such as ISO/IEC 17065, ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO/IEC 17020. DEKRA has continued to expand its testing capabilities in low-, medium-, and high-voltage fields. In 2009, DEKRA bought out KEMA Quality and in 2017 acquired VEIKI-VNL, a world famous medium- and high-voltage testing lab based in Budapest, Hungary and a member of the Short-Circuit Testing Liaison (STL). In addition, DEKRA is a testing agency certified by Dutch Accreditation Council (RVA).
Having been exploring the low, medium and high-voltage fields in China for more than a decade, DEKRA owns a CB testing lab for low-voltage electrical appliances in China and commits itself to providing one-stop inspection, testing and certification services for local customers.
Our Services
Type TestProduct CertificationPreliminary TestingProcess Supervision
Supervision/Witness TestingR&D TestingFactory AuditingCertificate/Report Auditing
Scope of Testing and Standards
Power transformers, and mutual inductorsIEC 60076-**, IEC 61869-**
High-voltage switchgears, and controlgearsIEC 62271-**
High-voltage switch cabinets, prefabricated substations, and gas insulated substations (GIS)IEC 62271-200/201, IEC 62271-202, IEC 62271-203
Power/submarine cables & accessoriesIEC 60055-**, IEC 60502-**, IEC 60840, IEC 60141-**,IEC 61089, IEC 61284, IEC 62067, IEC63026
Low-voltage & high-voltage bus barsIEC 61439-6, IEEE Std C37.23
High-voltage bushing, and electrical insulatorsIEC 60137, IEC 60383, IEC 61109
High-voltage lightning arresters, and high-voltage fusesIEC 60099-**, IEC 60282, IEEE Std C37.41
Low-voltage switch cabinet assemblies, and power distribution boxesIEC 61439-**, IEC 60670-**, IEC 61921, IEC62208
Low-voltage switchgears, and controlgearsIEC 60947-**, IEC 60269-**, IEC 61643-**
Terminal power distribution productsIEC60898-1, IEC 60934, IEC 61008-1, IEC 62423, IEC 61009-1
Smart grid and industrial network information security, functional evaluation, and software evaluation IEC62443-**, IEC61850, IEC62351, ISO27001, ISO/IEC15408
RoHS 2.0Refer to the requirements of Directive 2011/65/EU
Note: The standards listed above are for conventional transmission and distribution products; -** indicates the numerical code of the standard. Please consult DEKRA for the testing scope and standards of more products.


Worldwide Presence
DEKRA operates in more than 60 countries and regions across 6 continents, cooperates with certification agencies in multiple countries, and has been certified by many organizations, including but not limited to IMETRO in Brazil, NOM-ANCE in Mexico, SAA in Australia, SABS in South Africa, Sucofindo in Indonesia, and SEC in Saudi Arabia. DEKRA is your best partner in expanding into international markets.
A number of DEKRA’s project managers are members of the International Electrotechnical Commission for Electrical Equipment (IECEE) and the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC), participating in the drafting & revision of various electrical product standards. DEKRA has earned accreditation from the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) as a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL), so it is qualified to grant cDEKRAus certification mark for multiple types of products to be exported to North American market and provide testing and certification services for manufacturers aiming to make foray into the market.
As an independent third-party inspection, testing and certification agency, DEKRA always treats each test, each report and each report in a fair, objective and stringent manner. DEKRA always ensures that the high-level evaluation, testing and testing schemes it provides are highly consistent all the way and that each certificate or report it issues has a uniform value globally.
DEKRA is capable of provide customized certification services as required by a manufacturer. Different testing approaches are available for manufacturers to choose from: at DEKRA’s lab, manufacturer’s own lab or at a DEKRA-certified lab. No matter which approach is chosen, our senior experts will arrive in person on site to provide manufacturers with excellent services.
High Efficiency
DEKRA will designate an exclusive manager for each customer to address problems in the process of application, testing and certificate issuance, and provide localized one-stop services so as to bring your products to market at a faster pace.
Wide Scope of Services
DEKRA is capable of testing and certifying all transmission and distribution products as well as products in the related software and communication field by providing one-stop services including product testing & certification, type test, witness testing, goods inspection. Customers can choose among an array of services like CB, CE, DEKRA Mark/KEMA-KEUR, cDEKRAus, DEKRA Test Report, and DEKRA Test Certificate.