It is our purpose to make the world a safer place. To achieve that mission, DEKRA relies on the trust and the confidence of our members, clients and society. The central factor is the performance and the integrity of each of us.
This confidence depends to a large extent on how we all conduct ourselves as employees and executives of the DEKRA Group no matter where we are located.
Our core task is centred on the common wish for safety. Our neutrality, reliability and integrity and our global commitment to conducting only “clean” business allow us to meet that goal.
As well as constituting binding minimum standards, our DEKRA Compliance Guidelines provide orientation for all of us when it comes to complying with laws, legal standards and ethical principles on all continents.
We are all ambassadors for DEKRA, both internally and externally. This is why it is important that we work together to realise our principles of conduct systematically and responsibly, as this is the only way to appropriately meet the goal of ensuring greater safety while maintaining our superb reputation.