Risk management service for entire transportation logistics chain

Claims & Expertise
Claims & Expertise

DEKRA’s comprehensive expert knowledge offers independence, innovation and quality.

With the thriving development of the logistics industry, efficient logistics transportation has become an indispensable part of people's lives. However, various safety hazards in logistics transportation, such as the loss, damage, and delay of goods, can not only result in economic losses for customers but also cause significant financial and reputational impacts on logistics companies themselves.
DEKRA delivers a broad portfolio of services to help manufacturers minimise the impact of loss and damage of goods. Our services cover the entire transportation and logistics service link, covering all links from factory - warehouse - terminal - transshipment - destination terminal - warehouse - end user, with branches in 56 countries around the world to provide services to ensure the safety and damage management of goods in all aspects of transportation.
If needed, DEKRA experts can provide consulting services and conduct independent assessments for you. Our professionals are capable of conducting on-site visits to inspect or examine the conditions of goods or vehicles. Based on the actual survey and investigation, we can create comprehensive reports.


  • With global expertise and experience, DEKRA provides customers with comprehensive transportation solutions. Regardless of transportation modes, types of cargo, or industry sectors, we specialize in tailoring services to meet specific transportation requirements.
  • DEKRA focuses on safety, security and sustainability, providing scientifical and efficient solutions to ensure cargo stability and security throughout transportation, which contributes to minimizing cargo loss, delays, and risks, ultimately safeguarding our clients' interests.
  • Beyond technical support and advice, DEKRA provides assurance and open class services to enhance transportation efficiency and quality. Elevating employee expertise and skills enables clients to better tackle various challenges, optimize operational processes, and enhance risk management capabilities.
  • By closely collaborating with clients, understanding their business needs and objectives, we co-develop long-term growth strategies. DEKRA consistently focuses on client demands and development, providing them with increasingly competitive solutions through continuous innovation and improvement to help them gain leading position.