Explosion Protection Services

Explosion Protection Services
Explosion Protection Services

Minimizing explosion risks though testing, assessment and certification

Let DEKRA help you minimize your explosion risks. As a European Notified Body, DEKRA tests, assesses and certifies according to the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU, among others. Furthermore, we are a founding member of the globally acknowledged IECEx scheme, through which we provide services both as a certification body (ExCB) and as a testing laboratory (ExTL).
Why DEKRA for Explosion Protection Services
  • All types of protection: DEKRA is able to test explosion protected electrical devices for all types of protection. From flame-proof enclosures through intrinsic safety; we perform all tests according to EN IEC 60079
  • Audits from a single source: Do you prefer to work with just one point of contact? We have that covered for you: enjoy the comfort and convenience of a single source for your ATEX, EAC, IECEx and INMETRO audits
  • IECEx certificates: Did you know that DEKRA holds the self-proclaimed ‘world record’ for IECEx certificates? We have issued one of the highest numbers of trustworthy and valid IECEx certificates anywhere in the world
  • Combined services: Our large portfolio enables us to combine explosion safety testing with other services, such as electrical and functional safety, cybersecurity, EMC, etc.

How can we help you with Explosion Protection Services?

Do you manufacture equipment, components or protective systems used in potentially explosive atmospheres? And are you in need of testing and certification? Look no further – at DEKRA, we are here to help you minimize the risks. DEKRA’s test results are widely accepted internationally and we provide you with a firm foundation for operating on a global scale. We are acknowledged by and collaborate with many national test and approval centers including, such as FM Approvals, USCG and MSHA in the US, NEPSI and CQST in China, as well as KTL, KOSHA and KGS in Republic of Korea.