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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a transformative technology that empowers machines to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. Through advanced algorithms and machine learning, AI systems can analyze data, recognize patterns, and make decisions, contributing to increased automation and efficiency across various industries.
AI could also introduce risks such as bias and unfair decision-making due to data biases, and security vulnerabilities that may lead to unauthorized access and manipulation, posing threats to privacy and ethical considerations. Safety and security are crucial in AI development to prevent unintended consequences and ensure responsible deployment.
Our informative workshops in Shanghai (Dec. 6) and Guangzhou (Dec. 13) explored most recent standards, regulations, such as EU AI Act, which is applicable to any company who wants to sell products or services in EU.
Dr. Xavier Valero, Director AI & Advanced Analytics at DEKRA Digital & Product Solutions, hosted the workshops, interact with customers on innovative technologies, challenges, and present insights on integrated solutions to ensure safety and security of AI.
    AI's Role in Future Innovation:
    • Uncover the transformative power of AI across industries.
    • Explore data-driven insights on AI's potential to revolutionize innovation.
    Risks associated to AI:
    • Understand the possible risks associated with AI applications.
    • Learn strategies to mitigate risks and ensure responsible AI development.
    Regulation and standards on AI:
    • Learn about efforts to regulate the development and usage of AI in different countries, with special focus on Europe and China.
    • Learn about existing and on preparation standards to ensure quality and safety of AI.
    Importance of Safety and Security in Generative AI:
    • Delve into why safety is paramount in generative AI technologies.
    • Explore real-world examples highlighting the consequences of inadequate safety measures.
    Role of Testing and Certification Organizations:
    • Discover how testing and certification organizations, like DEKRA, contribute to AI trustworthy.
    • Learn about industry best practices for advisory, audit, testing, and certification.