Biosecurity risk management

DEKRA's Biosecurity Risk Management services offer clients targeted logistics assurance and compliance support for vehicles and goods exported to Australia, help them minimize biological contamination risks of containers、vehicles and other goods at the domestic port of departure to meet the biological inspection requirements of Australian customs.
We are committed to assisting clients in achieving sustainable development and enhancing market competitiveness . Through our specialized support, clients can access secure, efficient, and reliable logistics transportation, fostering long-term business growth.

Our services:

  • Updated Destination Port Broadcast
  • VDC Delivery Inspection of Biosecurity
  • Inland Transport Delivery Inspection of Biosecurity
  • Biosecurity Risk Survey
  • Assurance and open class


  • Strong marketing position worldwide in the vehicle inspection industry, and staying current with the latest regulatory standards.
  • Over 60 countries and regions worldwide, offering services globally.
  • Real-time monitoring of inspection requirements set by Australian standards, the Australian Department of Agriculture, and relevant associations, ensuring up-to-date awareness of the latest policies.
  • Providing effective preventative and improvement advice to minimize the biosecurity risk, reducing the potential of delay for containers、vehicles and other goodsat ports and expediting delivery to end users.
  • By implementing preventive measures, avoiding biocide treatments and cost losses due to contamination-related issues, reducing logistics costs.