Cargo Securing Devices & Vehicle Superstructure

DEKRA inspects and certifies cargo and cargo units as well as vehicle and system structures for safe road, rail, maritime and air transport.
The DEKRA certificate documents the sufficient and essential cargo securing and body stability while complying with the relevant standards and requirements as well as the state of the art.

Our Services:

  • Inspect cargo securing for maritime, rail, road as well as air transport
  • Cargo unit tests are carried out in accordance with DIN EN 12195, DIN EN 12642 Code XL-B, VDI 2700 and VDI 3968
  • Testing and certification of technical devices for cargo securing in accordance with EN 12195, EN 12940, EN 12642, VDI 2700
  • Testing of securing facility according to EN regulation
  • Assurance and open class