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Mechanized Inspection(Intelligent robots)

DEKRA intelligent robots:

  • Anti-collision industrial inspection drone
  • Irradiation series camera
    • Irradiation series camera
      • Full HD gimbal radiation-resistant camera VT 360 PT
      • 270-degree rotation radiation-resistant gimbal radiation-resistant camera
      • Miniature head irradiation-resistant camera VT 34 PT
    • High radiation resistant camera
      • High radiation resistant camera VT 4065 RR
      • High radiation resistant camera VT XLRAD-10PTZ
    • Miniature irradiation-resistant camera
      • Miniature irradiation-resistant camera VT 15L
      • Miniature irradiation-resistant camera VT 25FL

  • VT 610 Vacuum suction crawler
  • DELFIN Submarine detection platform
  • ARGIS Intelligent generator inspection system
  • ST 08-01 High altitude environmental camera inspection equipment

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