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DEKRA was invited to participate in the 2024 International SparkLink Alliance Industry Summit

Apr 15, 2024

Recently, the 2024 International SparkLink Alliance Industry Summit was grandly held in Shenzhen, China. Juan Carlos Mora, Business Line Connectivity Testing Director of Digital & Product Solutions at DEKRA, was invited to attend this event. He introduced the globalization process of SparkLink standards, shared innovative ideas, and discussed future development opportunities of SparkLink with industry guests.

The SparkLink wireless communication technology is a wireless short-range communication technology, and the wireless communication system consists of SparkLink Access Layer, Basic Service Layer and Basic Application Layer. Sparklink is used to carry communication in the field of smart cars, smart homes, smart terminals, and smart manufacturing, etc.
Since the release of the SparkLink 1.0 standard, the SparkLink Basic (SLB) and SparkLink Low Energy (SLE) have received wide attention from the industry. The alliance is continuously promoting the evolution of SparkLink 2.0 towards directions such as ad hoc, high-precision positioning, high-precision perception, and native audio-video applications.
Juan Carlos Mora said, "I am delighted to be invited to participate in the SparkLink Alliance Industry Summit. The products implemented with SparkLink technology and the support from various sectors of society have left a profound impression on me. In recent years, with the development of wireless technology in the Internet of Things (IoT), DEKRA, relying on its strong wireless technical capabilities, has been providing professional testing, inspection and certification services to IoT manufacturers worldwide. The sustainable development concept of SparkLink aligns perfectly with DEKRA's ethos. DEKRA will continue to strive for industry standardization, providing efficient and reliable services to clients, and contributing to continuous innovation in the industry."
DEKRA Greater Bay Area AIoT Testing Center addresses the urgent needs of the smart Internet of Things (IoT) industry by providing comprehensive testing, inspection and certification services to global smart IoT product manufacturers and industry chain suppliers. The testing center is capable of providing protocol compliance/conformance testing (Matter, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, KNX, Car Connectivity Consortium, ioXt, etc.), ecosystem interoperability/compatibility/network security testing (Amazon Alexa Voice Service (AVS), Alexa Security Assessments, Apple MFi CarKey/Carplay, etc.), and DEKRA Smart Home Seal certification.
The certification services comprehensively cover five major aspects: app testing, voice recognition, protocol testing, interconnection and IoT network security. DEKRA Greater Bay Area AIoT Testing Center will continuously integrate global resources to ensure the connectivity and data transmission security of high-tech products, thereby helping enterprises unlock the new world of interconnected devices.

About SparkLink

International SparkLink Wireless Short-Range Communication Alliance was initiated by 80 member units on September 22, 2020. It is an industry alliance dedicated to globalization. Currently, the alliance has 935 member units, supporting rapidly developing new scenario applications such as smart cars, smart homes, smart terminals, and smart manufacturing. The goal is to promote innovation and ecosystem development of next-generation wireless short-range communication technology.


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