New ATL test laboratory to be established in Stuttgart, Germany

DEKRA Further Expands Cooperation with Wi-Fi Alliance

Sep 08, 2022

DEKRA and Wi-Fi Alliance® are expanding their cooperation. An Authorized Test Laboratory (ATL) for the Wi-Fi Alliance certification program is being set up at the site of the DEKRA product testing laboratory in Stuttgart, Germany. In the future, manufacturers will be able to have authorized Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ testing performed there for their products. The regional focus of the new ATL laboratory is on the automotive and industrial IoT markets in particular.

DEKRA already runs Wi-Fi Alliance-authorized laboratories in Málaga, Spain, and Shenzhen, China. DEKRA tests connectivity technologies according to various internationally recognized standards at a total of 15 test sites worldwide.
“DEKRA’s expanded network of Authorized Test Laboratories plays a critical role in delivering high-quality Wi-Fi products globally by helping ensure they meet robust, industry-agreed standards,” said Edgar Figueroa, President and CEO of Wi-Fi Alliance, during a recent visit to DEKRA’s Stuttgart labs. “Wi-Fi CERTIFIED interoperability testing helps ensure high-quality products are deployed in growing markets like automotive and industrial IoT.”
“The new Wi-Fi lab in Germany is another building block in our global strategy and contributes to further advancing Wi-Fi technology in the key automotive and industrial IoT markets," emphasized Stan Zurkiewicz, CEO of DEKRA, during the meeting of the two top executives. “We are especially looking forward to the exciting task of helping Wi-Fi Alliance develop and establish new use cases for the industry. I want to thank Edgar Figueroa for many years of dedication, professionalism, and support to Wi-Fi Alliance, and the global success of this important technology, particularly now that he has announced that he will be retiring soon."
To begin with, the testing scope of the new lab in Stuttgart will include Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6™ and a number of others, and will be gradually expanded to include other scopes over time. Across the global laboratory network, DEKRA offers the complete range of wireless testing.
DEKRA and Wi-Fi Alliance® are expanding their cooperation (from left to right): Ulrike Hetzel, Member of the Board DEKRA SE (CTO), Stan Zurkiewicz, Chairman of the Management Board DEKRA e.V. and DEKRA SE (CEO) and Edgar Figueroa, President and CEO Wi-Fi Alliance. (Picture: DEKRA)