CompanyAnrei Medical (HZ) Co., Ltd.
AddressNo. 3, Ave. 8, Hangzhou Economic Development Area
310018 Hangzhou, Zhejiang
DirectiveConformity Assessment Regulation 2017/745 on Medical devices, Annex IX Chapter I and III
ProductNon-active non-implantable devices instruments (MDN1208, class Is)
Sterilization method: EtO
Device Name:
- Single-use Cytology Brush
- Single Use Biopsy Valve
- Single Use Guidewire Lock Kit
- Single Use Endoscope Valves Set
Non-active non-implantable devices for administration, channelling and removal of substances, including devices for dialysis (MDN1202, class IIa)
Device Name:
- Sclerotherapy Needle
This certificate is valid until1 April 2028