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Address of Licensee:11 Rue Robert Minder,67310 Wasselonne,
Product:Crystalline Silicon PV Modules
Type(s):PV module with mono c-Si cells:
GA-M72H-xxx (xxx=370-415W,in steps of 5,72 cells)
GA-M60H-xxx (xxx=305-350W,in steps of 5,60 cells)
GA-M36H-xxx (xxx=185-205W,in steps of 5,36 cells)
GA-M144H-xxx (xxx=430-455W,in steps of 5,144 cells)
GA-M120H-xxx (xxx=360-380W,in steps of 5,120 cells)
GA-M144CH-xxx (xxx=385-420W,in steps of 5,144 cells)
GA-M120CH-xxx (xxx=320-350W,in steps of 5,120 cells)
PV module with poly c-Si cells:
GA-P72H-xxx( xxx=310-355W,in steps of 5,72 cells)
GA-P60H-xxx (xxx=260-295W,in steps of 5,60 cells)
GA-P36H-xxx (xxx=155-175W,in steps of 5,36 cells)

With maximum system voltage 1000V
PV module with mono c-Si cells:
GA-M72L-xxx (xxx=370-415W,in steps of 5,72 cells)
GA-M60L-xxx (xxx=305-350W,in steps of 5,60 cells)
GA-M36L-xxx (xxx=185-205W,in steps of 5,36 cells)
GA-M144L-xxx (xxx=430-455W,in steps of 5,144 cells)
GA-M120L-xxx (xxx=360-380W,in steps of 5,120 cells)
GA-M144CL-xxx (xxx=385-420W,in steps of 5,144 cells)
GA-M120CL-xxx (xxx=320-350W,in steps of 5,120cells)
PV module with poly c-Si cells:
GA-P72L-xxx (xxx=310-355W,in steps of 5,72 cells)
GA-P60L-xxx (xxx=260-295W,in steps of 5,60 cells)
GA-P36L-xxx (xxx=155-175W,in steps of 5,36 cells)
Requirements specified in StandardsIEC 61215-1:2016;
EN 61215-1:2016;
IEC 61215-1-1:2016;
EN 61215-1-1:2016;
IEC 61215-2:2016;
EN 61215-2:2017;
IEC 61730-1:2016;
EN IEC 61730-1:2018;
IEC 61730-2:2016;
EN IEC 61730-2:2018
Date30 March 2021