No. 6054174CE01

CompanyHangzhou Fuyang Jingrui Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
Address#99 Waizhougongwu, Guanqian Village, Yinhu, Fuyang District
311402 Hangzhou, Zhejiang
DirectiveFull Quality Assurance System
Directive 93/42/EEC on Medical devices, Annex II excluding (4)
(Devices in Class IIa, IIb or III and Devices in Class I in sterile conditions and sterilised systems or procedure packs)
ProductSterile single use endoscopic instruments for endoscopic surgery

- Disposable biopsy forceps
- Disposable injection needle
- Disposable spray catheter
- Disposable cytology brush
- Disposable grasping forceps
- Disposable endoscope valves kit
- Disposable polyp traps
- Disposable air/water supply tubing
- Disposable irrigation tubing
- Disposable snare
- Disposable hot biopsy forceps
- Disposable guide wire
This certificate is valid until26 May 2024