Certificate Number: 31-119259

Kingfa Sci.&Tech. Co.,Ltd.
LicenseeKingfa Sci.&Tech. Co.,Ltd.
Address of the LicenseeNo.33, Kefeng Road, Science City, High Technology Industrial Zone,
510663 Guangzhou City, Guangdong, China
ProductMaterials for PV use
TypePONOY-1311 ST600 and PPE-1311 AN118
Additional informationSpecification of the certified productValueTest Standard
1.5mm (Flame Rating)V-0IEC 60695-11-10, -20
2.5mm (Flame Rating)5VA
Glow-Wire-Flammability750 ℃IEC 60695-2-12
Comparative TrackingIndex (CTI)600IEC 60112
TI electrical at 20000h130 ℃IEC 60216
TI mechanical at 20000h130 ℃
Ball Pressure125 ℃IEC 60695-10-2
DateIssued on 2 June 2021
DEKRA Testing and Certification (Shanghai) Ltd.
No.16, Lane 1288, Luoning Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai, 200949, P. R. China