No. 6076912.01DS

Jiangsu Hongji Huandian Co., Ltd.
Address of LicenseeNo.158, Chengjiang West Road, Economic Development Zone
210002 Taixing, China
ProductHalogen free charging cable for supplying power and communication for electric vehicles
Type(s)EVC07B₁Q₀-F, EVC07B₁C3Q₀-F1), EVC07B₁Q₀-H and EVC07B₁C3Q₀-H1)
3…5G1,5…35 + nX0,5…1,0; n=1…4
1) C3 represents screen as braid over the control or/and data core(s)
Requirements specified in StandardsDEKRA K175-1:2015 + A1:2016 + A2:2020
Date30 June 2020