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Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WPA3™ will become mandatory for all new Wi-Fi certifications beginning July 1, 2020

19. Mar 2020

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WPA3™ will become mandatory for all new Wi-Fi certifications beginning July 1, 2020

The current generation of Wi-Fi security, WPA3™, became available for device certification in April 2018. WPA3 certification will become mandatory for all new Wi-Fi certifications beginning July 1, 2020, and more than 2,000 devices are already Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WPA3.

Wi-Fi® is an integral part of daily life. Billions of people the world over depend on Wi-Fi in their homes and businesses, to shop, bank, coordinate life, and stay connected. Securing Wi-Fi connections is an important element of securing personal data, and Wi-Fi Alliance® has been on the forefront of evolving Wi-Fi security as the number of Wi-Fi devices in use worldwide has grown.

Since 2003, Wi-Fi Alliance has enabled individuals and businesses to increase the protection of information moving across Wi-Fi networks through the Wi-Fi Protected Access® family of technologies. Security features of Wi-Fi Protected Access constantly evolve to include stronger protections and new security practices as the security landscape changes.

The Wi-Fi Protected Access security family includes solutions for personal and enterprise networks.


WPA3™ is the next generation of Wi-Fi security and provides cutting-edge security protocols to the market. Building on the widespread success and adoption of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WPA2™, WPA3 adds new features to simplify Wi-Fi security, enable more robust authentication, deliver increased cryptographic strength for highly sensitive data markets, and maintain resiliency of mission critical networks. All WPA3 networks:

  • Use the latest security methods
  • Disallow outdated legacy protocols
  • Require use of Protected Management Frames (PMF)

Since Wi-Fi networks differ in usage purpose and security needs, WPA3 includes additional capabilities specifically for personal and enterprise networks. Users of WPA3-Personal receive increased protections from password guessing attempts, while WPA3-Enterprise users can now take advantage of higher grade security protocols for sensitive data networks.

WPA3, which retains interoperability with WPA2™ devices, is currently an optional certification for Wi-Fi CERTIFIED devices. However, starting July 1, 2020, WPA3 certification will become a mandatory requirement for all new Wi-Fi certifications.

If your Wi-Fi product is not WPA3 certified, please contact us as soon as possible! We will provide you with expert and convenient testing and certification services, so that your Wi-Fi products can be launched as quickly as possible!

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