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TIC Council: Driving the Development of Testing, Inspection and Certification Industry

12. Aug 2019

TIC Council

On Aug. 7th 2019, TIC Council, the council of the global independent 3rd party testing, inspection and certification industry, held China Steering Committee Strategy Session successfully in Shanghai. Mr. Gerhard LÜbken, Senior Vice President of DEKRA East & South Asia, and Mr. Zhou Xuan, Director of Planning & Development, DEKRA China, attended this meeting.

It is the second Strategy Session in China held by TIC Council, with over 12 global testing, inspection and certification companies and 22 representatives participated, mutually discussed the sustainable development of TIC industry and brought forward opinions in terms of the way to support innovative development and technical reformation in China.

Mrs. Hanane Taidi, General Secretary at TIC Council, said that except for strong support from government, people’s safety awareness has been gradually enhanced and marketization has gradually becoming the mainstream so that testing and inspection gained extensive attention and promotion at a wide range. Therefore, she believes that the testing, inspection and certification industry is prone to have a huge potential. TIC Council, as the voice of the independent testing, inspection and certification industry, hope to support efficient solutions to market development of China by using its abundant global resources and a great deal of insights.

Mr. Gerhard LÜbken, Senior Vice President of DEKRA East & South Asia, added that:" China’s economy has turned from rapid growth into high quality growth, the manufacturing industry is during its dilemma, hence urgent requirements emerged in certification industry, especially in emerging domains such as automobile (NEV, intelligent vehicle, connected vehicle), electronics, machinery, material testing, medicine, electricity, energy, software and informatization, and etc. At the point, DEKRA also attaches much importance to these thriving markets with faster development speed than traditional domains, so as to ceaselessly propel the innovation and the development of TIC industry."

The panelists discussed the steps needed to empower TIC Council Steering Committee’s deployment in China and reached consensus on further deepening the Chinese market, expanding the scope of services, and improving professional service capabilities.

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