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Material & Reliability Testing

Analyzing responses to varied environmental conditions

Material and reliability testing is a must for many different products and components, as it verifies how a product or material responds to challenging situations. At DEKRA, we classify reliability testing methods into four main categories: climatic environmental testing, dynamic environmental testing, industrial & outdoor environmental testing and mechanical stress testing.

Why DEKRA for Material & Reliability Testing

  • Climatic environmental testing: Simulates different combinations of temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure.
  • Dynamic environmental testing: Simulates the stress on the product resulting from transportation, installation and use environments.
  • Industrial & outdoor environmental testing: Simulates different conditions of contact with sand, dust, rain, water, exposure to solar and UV radiation, and corrosion by gas and wind.
  • Mechanical stress testing: Verifies the strength of the mechanical structure of the product. It includes push/ pull testing, bending testing, twist testing, puncture testing, connector life/ durability testing and dye/pry testing.

How can we help you with Material & Reliability Testing?

The core value of material & reliability testing is to uncover the potential defects during the product design phase, verify the production quality during production phase, reduce the possibility of customer returns, improve the product quality and enhance the value of the of the brand while safeguarding its reputation.

In 2015, DEKRA expanded its operations in Taiwan and mainland China through a joint venture with iST Group called DEKRA iST Reliability Services. The joint venture specializes in the environmental reliability and failure analysis of electronic systems used in automotive, IT, telecommunications, and LED lighting applications.

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