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Low Voltage Industrial Components

switch box

DEKRA enjoys widespread popularity all over the world. Its certification in the areas of low-voltage products and industrial components makes it dominant in Europe and even elsewhere in the world. The KEMA-KEUR brand, with a history of almost 100 years, is reliable and well-accepted by most buyers. DEKRA Low-voltage Products and Industrial Components and Cables, Greater China adheres to the original quality testing and certification experience and high-end brand recognition from the headquarters in Europe.

Take advantage of DEKRA’s professional and localised services in testing, certification and global quality management standards. Our experts have extensive in-depth knowledge to provide technical consultation services for the research and development of your products and one-stop services in testing and certification, which can help you rapidly enter the international market.

I. Low Voltage Switchgear and Control Gear

  • Circuit Breaker
  • Switch, Disconnector, Switch-Disconnector and Fuse-combination Units
  • Contactors and Motors-starters
  • Control Circuit Devices and Switching Elements-Electromechanical control circuit devices
  • Transfer switching equipment
  • Terminal Blocks for Copper Conductors
  • Circuit-breaker for Equipment(CBE)

II. Lower Voltage Switchgear and Control Gear Assemblies

  • Power Switchgear and Control Gear Assemblies
  • Distribution Board
  • Assemblies for Construction Sites
  • Assemblies for Power distribution in Public Networks
  • Busbar Trunking Systems

III. Low Voltage Components for Home Use

  • Circuit breaker for overcurrent protection for household and similar installation(MCB)
  • Residual current operated circuit-breakers without integral overcurrent protection for household and similar uses(RCCB)
  • Residual current operated circuit-breakers with integral overcurrent protection for household and similar uses(RCBO)
  • Electromechanical contactor for household and similar purposes

  • Product Testing
    • Type Testing
    • Quick Scan testing
    • Partial Testing / Random Testing
    • National Deviations Testing
  • CB
  • DEKRA Test report / Test Certificate
  • Global Market Access
  • Retail Services
    • Supplier Audits ( a link to Supplier Audits)
    • Factory Inspections (a link to Inspection Service)

  • Type testing + CB+KEMA-KEUR
  • International mutual recognition + European high-end market
  • Type testing + CB + DEKRA Seal
  • International mutual recognition + European market access + German market access
  • Type testing + DEKRA Test Certificate or Attestation of Conformity (AoC) for European market access
  • CB conversion to KEMA-KEUR for European high-end market

  • Construction check
  • Tripping characteristics test
  • Electrical and mechanical endurance test
  • Short-circuit test
  • Temperature rise test
  • Materials tests, like glow wire test, ball pressure test
  • IP testing
  • etc.

  • Localised services greatly shorten the lead time of testing.
  • High recognition by overseas buyers enables your product to enter different markets.
  • The quality approval mark gives you high confidence.
  • The one-stop service helps you promote your products to the whole world.
  • Foresight into the latest developments of new products gives you a leading position in the market
  • Training, guidance and free seminars enrich your knowledge of products and standards, keeping you informed about the most updated regulations and standards, helping you get the design right the first time, and thus making your products cutting-edge.

  • CB
  • DEKRA Seal
  • DEKRA Test Certificate

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