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In the world of technology, the next mega-trend has been identified as the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT): the interconnection of devices, systems, and services via the existing internet infrastructure or separate networks, leading to increased, automated data exchange and analysis and control appliances.

IoT reshapes the boundaries of markets -smart manufacturing, connected products, smart devices, smart cities, Internet of Vehicles etc.

Today, increasing numbers of radio and communication technologies are being embedded in many types of devices, machines, systems and other types of equipment. Devices communicate with each other and with the cloud, all the while exchanging and processing personal and non-personal data. At the same time, Internet of Things (IoT) devices are becoming smarter and interact autonomously without user intervention, creating new and previously unknown safety risks. As a consequence, there is a substantial increase in the requirements and technical regulations for these new types of IoT products and the cloud they interact with.

Manufacturers are facing challenging testing and certification requirements from regulators, end users and other stakeholders in many different markets. DEKRA offers advanced technological testing services to help manufacturers meet regulatory, industry and network operator requirements, as well as quality, user experience and performance requirements to ensure devices and systems remain safe, secure and reliable to use.

Devices and systems involved in facilitating a connection to the Internet of Things must not only be tested according to regulatory requirements, but also tested and certified to ensure that they are electrically and functionally safe, secure and reliable. In addition, they should protect the privacy of users while providing the expected user experience.

At DEKRA, we provide services for the complete IoT value chain for nearly every market, from software and hardware safety to connectivity, from application, cloud services and system integration to cybersecurity, and from operational testing to user experience testing. We help you meet user expectations and comply with industry requirements as well as the relevant mandatory and regulatory requirements through regulatory testing, conformance industry certifications, safety and reliability testing, performance testing, and interoperability, usability and functional testing.

Our global network of facilities has been recognized by organizations including the Wi-Fi Alliance, Bluetooth SIG, the NFC Forum, the ULE Alliance, the LoRa Alliance and the KNX association.

Further services

  • Functional Safety and Software Assessment

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