Certified EVSE products are granted the DEKRA Seal

DEKRA launches the world’s first Cybersecurity Certification Program for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Nov 28, 2022
  • DEKRA is the first company in the world to offer a certification program to evaluate and demonstrate electric vehicle charging stations’ compliance with security requirements.
  • A DEKRA Seal will certify that electric vehicle charging stations are secure and comply with the new DEKRA cybersecurity certification program.
DEKRA launches the first cybersecurity certification program for all types of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) and becomes the first company in the world to offer a special Certification Seal for cybersecurity. This comprehensive certification program is based on well-known cybersecurity international standards, such as ETSI EN 303 645 or IEC 62443, and aims to help manufacturers to ensure their EVSE products are prepared to use security solutions to address the most significant and widespread security threats.
Certified products are granted with the DEKRA Seal, which confirms that the charger has been tested by DEKRA and complies with cybersecurity requirements. The new certification program complements the end-to-end testing and certification services to ensure safety, reliability and interoperability for all types of EVSE.
“Safe and secure EV charging infrastructure is crucial to enable the acceptance of e-mobility and to support the growth of the number of electric vehicles on the road. Our approach on the testing of charging stations is based on a 360-degree view in which we assess, for example, safety, EMC & RF and the digital communication as important elements. With the importance of secure communication between charging stations, EVs and the back-office, cybersecurity is becoming a vital aspect”, said Vincent Roes, Vice President and Head of Strategic Development of Service Division Product Testing at DEKRA.
Living its leading position in the EV charging station testing market, DEKRA has developed a Cybersecurity Certification Program based on well-known international standards. This certification program offers an end-to-end security solution for products and covers 3 levels of security.
“Manufacturers and operators of EV charging stations have a demand for a security baseline that complies with current and future regulations. DEKRA's Cybersecurity Certification Program offers a solution to this demand and will contribute to an agile and secure deployment of this new mobility reality, operating safely, securely and protecting users' privacy”, said Rubén Lirio, Cybersecurity Business Line Manager of Service Division Product Testing at DEKRA.
Apart from cybersecurity testing and certification services, DEKRA provides additional services for EV charging stations, offering the widest testing scope for EV supply equipment and the laboratory with the most complete scope of accreditations and recognitions in the industry. End-to-end testing of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure is one of DEKRA’s unique capabilities. DEKRA can provide testing for the EV, as well as, the charging station and back office. End-to-end testing is the most comprehensive type of testing for the EV charging ecosystem and includes evaluation of interoperability, conformance, electrical safety, wireless, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), reliability, performance and now also cybersecurity.
DEKRA has testing laboratories in multiple locations, including the Netherlands, U.S., and China, which support customers worldwide to ensure products are safe, secure and interoperable.
For more information about DEKRA's services for e-mobility, visit the website and watch DEKRA's e-mobility videos series .